GUILTY!! Russian Spies Plead Out On Spying: Spy Swap In The Offing

Hmm…. maybe these jokers are more damaging to America than anyone wants to admit:

Ten suspected Russian spies in the United States could enter guilty pleas Thursday and be swiftly deported, possibly as soon as Thursday night, a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

The source said the suspects were expected to plead guilty in federal court in New York to one of the current charges against them — failing to register as a foreign agent — and would likely be sentenced to time already served. They were arrested at the end of June.

The development came amid reports of a possible exchange of the accused Russian spies in the United States for convicted Russian spies in Russia.

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One of those Russians — a man convicted of spying for the United States in 2004 and possibly on a list for the swap — left Russia Thursday and arrived in Vienna, Austria, Russia’s state-run news agency RIA-Novosti reported. The scientist’s family told CNN he was part of the exchange.

A lawyer involved in the plea deal negotiations for the suspects in the United States said that the legal case involving the accused Russian spies was expected to be resolved by Thursday afternoon.

What were these folks really up to? The Russians seem to want them back badly. Or do we want our scientist back?

I thought Vladimir Putin was our friend. I’m so confused.

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