Her Granddaughter Ate Candy – So She Made Her Do THIS, And The Poor Little Girl Dropped Dead

Her Granddaughter Ate Candy – So She Made Her Do THIS, And The Poor Little Girl Dropped Dead

Nine-year-olds eat candy, it’s what they do. Sometimes they lie about it. While it’s always good practice to teach them not to lie, it’s NOT good in any way to make them run until they drop dead! That is exactly what and Alabama grandmother did, and one year into her life sentence, she suffered a fatal heart attack.


From The Daily Mail:

An Alabama woman convicted of murder in the running death of her 9-year-old granddaughter died on Friday, less than a year into her sentence of life in prison without parole, a prison spokesman said.

Joyce Garrard, 50, was convicted last March in the 2012 death of Savannah Hardin. Garrard made Hardin run for almost three hours while carrying wood as punishment for lying about having eaten chocolates.

The girl collapsed and went into seizures, later dying of dehydration and low sodium, prosecutors said.

Garrard was pronounced dead in an Alabama hospital at 5:23 p.m. Friday, said Alabama Department of Corrections spokesman Bob Horton. She had suffered a heart attack in prison five days earlier, said her defense attorney, Dani Bone.

Bone said it had been a difficult time for the family.

‘I believe the family is going to be somewhat relieved with the thought that Joyce is going to be in heaven with Savannah and her pain and suffering will be gone,’ said Bone.

A jury convicted Garrard of capital murder in March and recommended a sentence of life in prison. The judge could have given her the death penalty.

Testimony at trial showed that Savannah Hardin collapsed and vomited in 2012 outside her rural home following an afternoon of running and carrying sticks.

She died several days later in a hospital after doctors removed her from life support.

A neighbor testified at the trial that he saw the girl running and carrying firewood and sticks over a two-hour period as he came and went from his home.

‘Joyce and Savannah were in the yard, and Joyce was telling Savannah to keep running,’ said Chad Jacobs. ‘She was just saying, ‘Keep running, I didn’t tell you to stop.”

Garrard said in a conversation with the girl’s school bus driver captured on a bus video that ‘she’s going to run till I tell her to stop,’ as punishment.

Hardin had a bladder condition and was not allowed to have sweets or caffeine, Garrard told the bus driver.

Garrard denied that she meant to harm the child. She told investigators the girl wanted to run and get faster after finishing second in a race at school, according to police testimony.

After the guilty verdict, Etowah County District Attorney Jimmie Harp said he was pleased with the outcome and would ask the judge to accept the jury’s recommended sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The girl’s stepmother, Jessica Mae Hardin, has also been charged with murder, with authorities saying she witnessed the punishment and failed to intervene.

The trial and other court documents portrayed Savannah as a sweet child who loved horses, cheerleading and the competition of running at school.

In my opinion, she got off way too easy by being allowed to die without serving the majority of her sentence.

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