HERO Valet Pulls Gun To Rescue Woman From A Stabbing Attack-What Happened Next Is An OUTRAGE!

HERO Valet Pulls Gun To Rescue Woman From A Stabbing Attack-What Happened Next Is An OUTRAGE!

Didarul Sarder, 32, saved a woman’s life this week; but he was repaid in a HORRIBLE way. This is what’s wrong with America.


From The Daily Mail:

A valet attendant in Michigan says he was fired from his job this week after unholstering his licensed pistol to rescue a woman who was being stabbed.

Didarul Sarder, 32, a contracted valet for General Motors Technical Center in Warren, said he heard a woman screaming for help on Wednesday and rushed over to help.

The woman, Stephanie Kerr, 52, a GM employee, was being stabbed by her 32-year-old daughter, police say.

‘The lady kept saying ”I’m dying, someone help,” and it was just natural reaction,’ Sarder told the Fox 2 Detroit.

‘I just see this lady getting stabbed. I only had like half a second to think and I unholstered my firearm and pointed it at her to drop the knife.’

Warren police say the suspect, a 32-year-old woman, came to see her mother at work.

The pair argued in the lobby, then went outside.

The suspect then pulled a knife and allegedly stabbed her mother multiple times in the neck, back and abdomen.

Sarder said he told the woman to stay put until she was arrested by police.

The victim is now in hospital in a critical condition.

However, within moments of the attack, Sarder says he was fired and escorted from the premises.

He said that a GM employee told him he shouldn’t have had a weapon on premises.

‘I was really bummed out. I got a little emotional,’ Sarder said.

‘(But) I would do it all over again. If I could save this woman’s life over a job. I can get another job.’

The backlash that GM faced from this was so strong that they over-ruled his firing and gave him his job back. Whether he’ll be checked for a gun every time he clocks in, I don’t know. What I DO know is that the only thing that stopped Ms. Kerr’s daughter from killing her was a good guy with a gun, which is yet more proof that victim-creating, criminal-enabling rules like weapon-free workplaces should be completely abolished.

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