Hey, Anthony Weiner: “Victims Call Cops. Perps Call Lawyers.”

Hey, Anthony Weiner: “Victims Call Cops. Perps Call Lawyers.”

So, married Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner apparently accidentally posted a crotch pic to Twitter that he was trying to send to a 21 year old hotty he was following on Twitter.

This is the sort of thing that kills careers — well, unless you’re a Democrat, when the mainstream media just takes your word for it when you say, “Uh….a hacker did it!”

However, what’s so interesting is that Weiner and the 21 year old hotty who’s involved, Gennette Nicole, acted like people who’d done something wrong, not people who’d been victimized. Nicole started things off by deleting her Twitter and Facebook accounts. If theoretically, any dirty messages had been sent between her and Weiner, would that cover them up? My gut instinct is no, but who knows? After people figured out who Nicole was anyway and noted how suspiciously she was behaving, she then released a statement which really didn’t shed a lot of light on anything.

Weiner’s behavior is even more fascinating. He claims his Twitter account was hacked. He claims an innocent girl was sent what was supposed to be a picture of his crotch. If a hacker did this, it would have been done to try to undermine his marriage and reduce his chances of being reelected. In other words, if this was done by a hacker, it isn’t a “prank;” it’s a crime, and someone deserves to go to jail for it.

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So, has Anthony Weiner called the police? No. Has he called the FBI? No. Has he asked Twitter, which would have the server logs that might be able to almost definitively prove his innocence — has he asked them to get involved? No.

Would an innocent person do all those things? Yes, he probably would.

Would a congressman who sent a crotch shot to a 21 year old pretty young thing do all those things? No. Because you see, if there were an investigation, it would be likely to confirm that the person who sent that crotch shot was one Anthony Weiner.

So, what Anthony Weiner does from here will tell us everything we need to know about whether his account was really “hacked” or not. If Weiner gets the police and FBI involved, it’s an indication of innocence. If not, well then, all I can say is poor Huma Abedin apparently didn’t know what she got into when she married Weiner.

Headline partially swiped from Ace of Spades HQ.

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