HORRIBLE: Man raped three women & slept with another eight to deliberately infect them w/ HIV

HORRIBLE: Man raped three women & slept with another eight to deliberately infect them w/ HIV

In case you weren’t a woman scared to walk at night without an escort, a policeman in Russia raped three women and and slept with another eight to deliberately infect them with HIV. This is beyond disgusting, folks.

Efrem Izmailov

From the Mirror:

Efrem Izmailov, 39, gave lifts to women in his car, showing them his police ID, and in one case he sexually attacked a female victim in the presence of her young son.

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He faces up to 15 years in a Russian prison colony if convicted.

The alleged rapist – infected with HIV since 2001 – was caught after retiring from the traffic police force in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on the Baltic.

Investigators said that 18 volumes of files have been sent to the regional court.

A spokesman said he “is accused of raping three women during his service in the road police which led to infecting them with HIV, and of deliberately infecting eight more local women.”

The investigation found that he used his private car to pick up women, showing his police badge so they trusted him.

“Soon after the victim had got into his car, he had unprotected sex with the woman knowing that he was HIV infected,” said the spokesman.

“If the woman refused to have sex with him, he locked the doors of his car and drove away to a remote area where he forced the woman to have sex and raped her.

“He raped three local women in such a way.

“One of the victims got into his car with her little child but his presence did not stop the criminal intentions of the accused man.”

He “was registered as HIV infected patient in 2001, when he was already serving in road police.

“He was warned on his responsibility for deliberately infecting other people with his disease.”

Investigators found that “after the rape the accused man informed the victims that he was the acting member of law enforcement and due to this fact discouraged them from appealing to police.

“Besides, at least once he was raped his victims being dressed in police uniform.”

A source said the man was shown to be “mentally healthy”.

His alleged victims have lodged compensation claims for £180,000 so far citing “physical and moral damages”.

Police had earlier accused him of “deliberately and callously infected” his alleged victims.

A friend of one alleged rape victim said: “My friend was walking home when he pulled over and asked her if she’d like a lift.

‘He told her he was a policeman and even showed her his ID.

“Thinking that he was genuine and honest she got in and he then drove her to a deserted part of the city and raped her.

“He then dumped her on the ground and told her he had HIV and she now did too.”

He described Izmailov as an “evil, evil man”.

What do you think his punishment should be? Personally, I think he should be hung from the highest tree and left to rot, but would love to hear your comments and ideas in the comments below!

Written by Katie McGuire. Send your hate mail to the author at [email protected], or feel free to mean tweet me at @GOPKatie, where I will be sure to do very little about it.


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