The Horrifying Moment Thug RUNS OVER Veteran’s Motorbike and Sends Him Flying [VIDEO]

The Horrifying Moment Thug RUNS OVER Veteran’s Motorbike and Sends Him Flying [VIDEO]

Road rage at its worst was captured on camera Monday after a man drove his car right into and completely OVER a motorbike with people riding back after a Memorial Day bike ride for VETERANS! This is maddening…

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From the Daily Mail:

Joe Calderazzo, a Navy veteran, was making his way through Lutz, Florida, with a group of fellow motorbike enthusiasts when a driver allegedly ran one of them off the road at around 5:30pm.

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They caught up with him and began a loud argument which was filmed by an unnamed man in a car nearby. But the footage takes a shocking turn when the driver apparently attacks the bikers with his car, WTSP reported.

Thankfully, both Calderazzo and his passenger have been thrown clear of the bike, and can be seen getting up quickly as the silver car drops back down to the asphalt and peels off.

Both were injured in the incident.

Police later caught up with the driver, who they say is Robert Paul Vance, 31, of Land O’Lakes, Minnesota – a repeat traffic offender.

He has been charged with a hit-and-run, a moving traffic violation and aggravated battery.

These are the people that never learned manners, or patience…or that they can’t go around almost killing people! What an a-hole! Lives could have been lost! I hope this guy ends up locked up with the key thrown away. He is way too unstable for the public.

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