HORROR: 18-Yr Old Who Admits To Worshipping The Devil- Does The Unspeakable To His Best Friend

HORROR: 18-Yr Old Who Admits To Worshipping The Devil- Does The Unspeakable To His Best Friend

You can’t say that this kid doesn’t look absolutely evil. His mugshot screams “I worship dark entities and likely drink the blood of goats.”


From The Daily Mail:

Police say a teen who allegedly worshiped the devil admitted to gruesomely murdering one of his close friends.

Edward O’Neal IV, 18, is accused of killing Ryan Joseph Robert, 16, whose mother reported him missing on January 15.

His body was discovered in the woods by an overpass near his home a few days later with stab wounds, KHOU reported.

According to ABC 13, prosecutors said that O’Neal voluntarily confessed three times to the killing, and tried to commit suicide two days after Roberts’s body was found.

The boy’s heartbroken mother, Christine Roberts, said that she knew who exactly killed her son when his body was discovered and told police.

In addition, one of O’Neal’s relatives visited her and said that he had admitted to the murder, KHOU reported. That person also revealed where her son’s body was.

Christine Roberts shared that O’Neal and her son were very close, adding that the suspect lived in her home for a few months.

‘I just want justice for my son. I’m beyond frustrated. I’m angry,’ she told KHOU in January.

Edward O’Neal Sr., the suspect’s father, said that his son had a history of mental illness and devil worshiping.

‘Oh I know that he’s worshiping the devil and stuff,’ the father told KHOU. ‘He didn’t tell me nothing. He didn’t say nothing about doing nothing.’

So you know your son has a history of devil worship and mental illness, and yet you don’t seek help? You let him roam around unbalanced? That’s exceptionally poor parenting.

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The suspect is currently in the Harris County Jail with $50,000 bond.


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