HORROR: Anti-Trump Man Executes GOP Committeeman In Front Of Wife

HORROR: Anti-Trump Man Executes GOP Committeeman In Front Of Wife

“Trump supporters are violent, okay? Trump supporters want to kill people, okay? Never mind that the only people who have picked up guns in the name of politics since Trump was elected have been anti-Trump progressives. And sure the only people who have been shot and killed have been Republicans, but hey, have we told you how mean Trump’s supporters are? They disagreed with us! For reals!”

I wish I could tell you that I’m joking about that, but it seems that the left-leaning media wants us to actually believe a lie of that magnitude. They are absolutely uninterested in any information that proves their narrative wrong and believe me when I say that there is a lot.

Clayton Carter decided to show everyone how tolerant and open-minded anti-Trump liberals are by shooting and killing his Republican committeeman neighbor from Pennsylvania.

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The 51 year-old man has been charged with shooting G. Brooks Jennings twice in the head, killing him.

According to police, they were called to the 300 block of Box Elder Drive on Monday to resolve a dispute between the two men which included cursing and allegations of video recording. With the situation calmed down, police left.

Unfortunately, police were called back on Tuesday when the neighbors got into another fight. Carter alleges that Jennings “shined a light” into his eyes while he was outside. In retaliation, Carter pulled his car onto his lawn – which was riddled with anti-Trump signs and propaganda – and shone his headlights onto the victim’s property.

Following this childish action, Carter allegedly walked into his house and grabbed his “.380 semi-auto handgun” and confronted Jennings outside. It is there that police claim Carter shot the victim once in the head. Carter then walked up to Jennings’ body, stood over him and shot him in the head once more.

Carter claims that Jennings threatened him with a knife, which was found at the scene. The problem with that is that Carter showed no signs of injury.

According to reports, this is not the first time that Carter had pulled a gun on Jennings.

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