HORROR: Dozens Shot in Terrifying Memorial Day Shooting Spree

HORROR: Dozens Shot in Terrifying Memorial Day Shooting Spree

Chicago is seeing an increase in violence this memorial day, with the majority of crimes taking place on the West Side. Due to this, police have promised additional patrols. Fatalities include a 15 year-old girl riding in a Jeep.

This is NO WAY to honor our fallen heroes and these people should be ashamed of themselves. Can they stop behaving like animals for 24 hours?


From The Chicago Tribune:

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A string of nearly two dozen shootings on the West Side has pushed the number of people shot during the Memorial Day weekend to at least 40, with two more days to go.

As of early Sunday morning, the toll stood at four dead and 36 wounded across the city, including a 15-year-girl shot to death as she rode in a Jeep on Lake Shore Drive near Fullerton Avenue, police said. Last year, 12 people were killed and 44 people were wounded over the holiday weekend.

Nineteen of those shot this weekend were wounded in or within a half-mile of the Harrison District on the West Side, police said. The district, one of the city’s most violent, is average-sized but has more officers assigned to it than almost any other in the city. It is frequently the target of both prolonged drug operations and short-term extra patrols over holiday weekends.

Thirteen of the 19 were wounded in the Harrison District and an additional six nearby.

First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante said Sunday that police would increase an already beefed-up presence in the district Sunday and Monday “because they certainly have had an unacceptable level of shootings Friday and Saturday.”

“The 11th District — the West Side — unfortunately traditionally has been a very tough place to police,” he said at a morning news conference.

The other shootings in the city this weekend have been scattered from Albany Park on the North Side to Longwood Manor on the Far South Side.

Among those killed was Garvin Whitmore, 27, who was shot in the head while sitting in a car with a woman around 5:20 p.m. Saturday in the Fuller Park neighborhood on the South Side. Someone walked up to the car as it sat parked in the 200 block of West Root Street and fired, police said.

The woman in the car, Ashley Harrison, 26, picked up a gun and returned fire as the gunman ran away, police said. No was else was injured.

Harrison was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and reckless discharge of a weapon, both felonies, after surveillance video showed her firing the gun several times and then throwing it to the ground, police said.

The other three homicides include the 15-year-old girl, Veronica Lopez, the youngest of the weekend slayings; a man in his 20s slain in front of his mother’s house on the Southwest Side; and another young man gunned down inside a gas station on the Northwest Side.

Escalante said Sunday morning that police had not made any arrests in the killings but had two “persons of interest” in the gas station shooting, which he said did not appear to be random.

Prayers for the victims and their families. The murderers deserve to be strung up by their toes for what they’ve done. And not just on Memorial Day, but every day.

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