HORROR: Father Beats And Shaves Head Of Daughter For Downloading Snapchat [VIDEO]

HORROR: Father Beats And Shaves Head Of Daughter For Downloading Snapchat [VIDEO]

A Louisiana father recorded himself whipping his daughter with a belt and then shaving her head, all for downloading Snapchat on her phone.

He decided that it would probably be a good idea to share this footage online, but was arrested shortly after publishing the heart-wrenching video for cruelty to children.

The girl is a 9th grader and it is unknown whether she is still in the home with her family or if she is in the custody of authorities.

Her father forced her to lay bent over the couch while he struck her 50 times with his belt, all the while she can be heard screaming and crying. He repeatedly commands her to move her hands so he can strike her.

The camera then cuts to him shaving her head and telling her that if she wants to be “grown” then this is what it’s like. (As someone who is grown, I can tell you that I’ve been whipped and had my head shaven exactly 0 times. I don’t know what this man thinks he’s doing, but he’s wrong.)

At another point during the humiliating video, the person behind the camera is heard mocking the young girl, telling her that she doesn’t keep up on her hygiene or know how to change her tampon. That’s what every 15 year-old girl wants to hear, right?

At the end of the video, he forced the sobbing girl to look into the camera that he was using to record the abuse so everyone could see her face.

After the video went viral (that poor girl), Alex Harrison, 33, was arrested. Detective Richard Madison had reviewed the video and determined that it constituted child abuse.

Harrison is believed to be caring for two girls, though that hasn’t been confirmed by police. (Just from the video though, it sounds like “little sister” might live with that monster.

There has been some debate about whether this is “discipline” or whether it is abuse. From my perspective, this is abuse. You don’t beat a child with a belt 50 times for downloading an app. You take her phone away with no promise of giving it back. And no matter what you do, you certainly don’t record it and share it on social media for the whole world to see. That alone should be enough to constitute abuse. The Internet is forever and while the interest surrounding this video might die down, the video itself will never go away.

You can watch the abuse here:

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