HOUSE OF HORRORS: Florida Couple Loses Children After Police Find the Unthinkable in Home

HOUSE OF HORRORS: Florida Couple Loses Children After Police Find the Unthinkable in Home

These are the sort of parents I like to refer to as…having dog CRAP for brains. Which is ironic because even dogs can be trained to be FAR better than these animals. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children and these two, who choose to live in a roach infested, feces covered…piss soaked, NASTY home, are a PRIME example of that!


From the Daily Mail:

Before Palm Beach Sheriff’s deputies entered the home of Travis and Robin Royall on Friday, they could smell the putrid odor of urine emanating from the residence.

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What they found inside made the Florida deputies stomach turn – thousands of cockroaches, piles of human feces and trash stacked wall-to-wall.

But what horrified them the most were the two young children sleeping in a spider- and roach-infested room with no air conditioning or running water and a gaping hole in the roof overhead.

‘When I opened the fridge, you could barely see the bottom of the drawers and shelves due to the amount of dead cockroaches, bugs and cockroach eggs.

‘When I opened the oven, about 100 cockroaches fell down and began scattering.

‘The oven was full of discarded food and appeared to not have been cleaned for years,’ a deputy wrote in a police report.

The Department of Children and Families removed the Royalls’ two children from their home over the weekend, according to the Palm Beach Post, and each parent is facing a count of child neglect.

These parents are so lazy, I’m surprised they even have the will to draw breath. They obviously do not have even one brain between them…pray these poor children do not return to such filthy parents.

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