HOUSE OF HORRORS: Parents Forced Child to Brush Teeth With CAT POOP

HOUSE OF HORRORS: Parents Forced Child to Brush Teeth With CAT POOP

This is just horrific. A couple in San Antonio, Texas has been arrested and they are facing child abuse charges that are just unimaginable. After a police investigation, it was determined by police that there was physical abuse of children in the home. It came to light on September 19th when a school teacher in Bexar County contacted police and reported seeing bruises on one of the victims at school. The Sheriff’s office arrived and examined a 5 year-old girl and then contacted Child Protective Services.

CPS examined both the 5 year-old and her 10 year-old sister and found additional bruising in various stages of healing on both their legs and arms. The authorities questioned both girls and they told investigators about the abuse they had been subjected to. Their father is 32 year-old James Howard Chalkley. He used a belt, a switch and his hands on the children to spank them.

The oldest girl claims that her father once held her head in the toilet and flushed it. Then he did the same thing to the other little girl. Both children informed authorities that their stepmother, identified as 22 year-old Cheyanne Chalkley, would beat them as well. It was later revealed that the father would make the girls wear a dog shock collar and that it hurt because it made their skin green afterwards.

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CPS removed the two girls and their three year-old brother from the home. The girls were put into temporary foster care. While there, the girls opened up about more abuse from their stepmother. One incident consisted of their father smearing cat feces on their faces and forcing the younger sister to eat the “poop” said authorities. She was also forced to brush her teeth with cat feces. This happened because he believed the children had deliberately failed to clean up cat feces that he found in a closet. Both children claim that the stepmother was present when their father beat them and would beat them as well.

Investigators say James Chalkley at one point asked his wife if the punishments were too harsh and she responded that she would hit them more if they were her children.

Texas Child Protective Services had contact with the family on at least three occasions, according to the warrants. In one instance in 2016, the children had been left unsupervised. In January this year, the children had been stripped of their clothing, ordered outside and sprayed with cold water as a punishment for misbehavior. The case was closed and labelled as high-risk. James Chalkley was arrested and charged with injury to a child in early October. Cheyanne Chalkley faces two counts of injury to a child.

These two are obviously not fit to be parents if all of this is true. The charges seem minor for what they are being accused of. At any rate, it appears the children are now in a safer environment. I don’t understand this kind of behavior regarding young children like this. Just shameful.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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