How Many American Citizens Are BeingThreatened By Cartels On The Border?

Americans citizens are being victimized, threatened, and sometimes even killed by illegal immigrants. They’re victims of our government’s intentional refusal to secure our border. It’s not that we can’t secure the border — we certainly can. The truth is that there are businessmen with deep pockets who profit from illegals and Democrats who want as many illegals as possible in this country because they believe, probably correctly, that most illegals would turn out to be an uneducated, government-dependent block of welfare serfs who’d vote for the Democratic Party.

The story that you’re about to read was just a throw-away mention from a story about the David Dewhurst vs. Ted Cruz (Go Ted Cruz!) race in Texas.

Bedford said he expected about 25 farmers and ranchers to show up on Saturday.

Bedford, a resident of San Augustine in East Texas, is a retired Air Force intelligence officer and a member of Texas Border Volunteers, a border watch group Vickers founded in 2003. “There’s enough illegals coming across there to knock your socks off,” Bedford said Friday, speaking by phone as he prepared for the eight-hour drive to Falfurrias.

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Several of the farmers and ranchers expected at the Saturday gathering have been intimidated by cartel people, Bedford said. One was a farmer about to harvest his crop of sugar cane when he received a visitor from across the border. Bedford said the farmer was told that if he removed the cover his crop provided, he could expect his family to be harmed. The cane stayed in the field.

“We’ve seen a tremendous number of Chinese coming through,” Bedford said. “They pay $35,000 a head.”

This is what’s happening on our border, folks. We have American citizens being threatened by cartels that are using their crops for cover when they bring illegals in the United States. Know what’s being done about that? Nothing of significance the criminal enterprises that intentionally benefit from illegal alien labor and the left-wingers who want to use illegals don’t have to put up with it. They get the benefits and someone else has to pay the price, so what do they care?

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