Husband and wife babysitters caught sexually exploiting a toddler and making videos of the abuse

Husband and wife babysitters caught sexually exploiting a toddler and making videos of the abuse

A horrific crime perpetuated by a horrific New York husband and wife team has now seen the justice they deserve when they both pleaded guilty to the heinous crime of sexually abusing a little 17 month-old baby girl. This girl was one that these two had baby-sat and court evidence showed all that they had filmed the abuse numerous times.

The couple who pleaded guilty to such a crime was Justin and Jessica Crandall. The federal charges will be tied to the sexual exploitation of the little girl. These two had actually been in charge of babysitting the girl from November 2016, all the way through February 2017. What they did to the child in that time will make you quake.

The prosecution claimed that Justin Crandall was the one that recorded videos and took photos of himself taking the child and creating sex acts with her. They also claimed that it was his meth addiction that brought on the heinous acts. The media also reported that his wife, 27 year-old Jessica Crandall, confessed to performing ‘repeated sexual activities’ using the child.

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The following are some of the court documents that described in detail what the couple had done. According to the investigators that established the documents:

“(Justin) Crandall admitted he touched the minor female child in a sexual manner while he was under the influence of methamphetamine.”

Justin Crandall now faces three counts of sexual exploitation of a child and was given one count of distribution of child pornography, while his wife was given numerous counts of conspiracy to sexually exploit a child and was also given on top of that, sexual exploitation of a child.

It was the mother of the child that spoke with investigators and told them that she noticed there was something wrong in the way the child was behaving. It wasn’t normal. She also noted that she had discovered unexplained injuries to the little girl’s body and that shot off a red flag right away. As it stands right now, both of these two will be facing at least 15 years in the prison system. February 23rd is the day they get justice from the court.

To do everything we can as parents to prevent this from happening to another child, let’s be sure as parents to really do our background checks on the people we entrust with our precious cargo. It hurts hearts to think of such a thing happening to any of our kids, so let’s do the best to protect them by doing our due diligence.

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