Illegal Immigrant Births Baby in Public Restroom, Then Throws Infant in Trash Can Where Father Found It

Illegal Immigrant Births Baby in Public Restroom, Then Throws Infant in Trash Can Where Father Found It

For most women, the arrival of a new baby is something to celebrate. But every now and then, mothers inexplicably decide that their baby does not deserve to live… and so they cruelly, callously, throw their babies away as if they were nothing more than garbage. This is exactly what one teenage illegal immigrant did and the father didn’t know until it was too late.

Two women who worked at La Parrilla restaurant in Greenville, South Carolina were arrested after the body of a newborn baby was found in the trash can. 18 year-old Estela Ruiz-Gomez worked there with her mother, 39 year-old Lorenza Gomez Rodriguez. During a shift one day, Ruiz-Gomez began complaining of a stomachache, so she went to the bathroom. When Rodriguez went to check on her, she ostensibly would have seen what had happened: Ruiz-Gomez had given birth to a baby.

But rather than calling for paramedics, Rodriguez simply came out and said that Ruiz-Gomez needed to go to the hospital. So the two women left, without a baby, and without telling anyone what had happened. Later, an employee went to empty the trash in the bathroom. As they dragged the bag across the parking lot, it ripped… and the baby’s body fell out, tumbling onto the pavement.

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The father of the baby, who has not been named, discovered the body and took the baby inside, where he called for help. EMS came to the scene and took the baby to the hospital, but it was too late. The baby had died. Medical personnel said that there was no reason for the baby’s death and that had the baby not been thrown into the trash, he or she would have lived. Ruiz-Gomez has since been charged with homicide by child neglect and Rodriguez with aiding and abetting homicide by child abuse.

It also appears that both women were living in the country illegally, with Ruiz-Gomez having been ordered to leave the country in 2016. Because of this, the Department of Homeland Security is also investigating.

What do you think their sentence should be if they are found guilty?

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