Illegal Immigrant Rapes 6 yr-old Girl, Proves Why We Need Immigration Reform

Illegal Immigrant Rapes 6 yr-old Girl, Proves Why We Need Immigration Reform

In case you were wondering what human scum looks like, it can be seen in the face of 32 year-old Edgar Mendoza, who has been accused of raping a 6 year-old girl in Trenton, New Jersey on September 19th.

The illegal immigrant from Guatemala was caught in the young girl’s room around 1:30 AM after her father noticed that an upstairs light was off. He went to make sure that everything was normal and found Mendoza on his daughter’s bed. Mendoza then jumped out of the second-story window to flee.

2 adults and 2 children were in the home at the time of the break in.

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Detectives were able to detain Mendoza following the attack and the young girl’s father identified him as the man who had been in his house. Later, they discovered that the girl had been sexually assaulted and took her to the hospital for treatment.

The illegal alien’s cellphone was found near the home of the girl he assaulted.

Mendoza also agreed to remain in jail while his case was working its way through the court system.

“Due to my situation here, the fact that I don’t have my papers and the fact that I am facing those charges, I think I am going to have to be detained,” he stated, admitting that he is already a criminal.

So, liberals want to talk about gun control because in their minds undocumented guns are dangerous, but undocumented people are not. Guns (inanimate objects) need to be kept in check so they don’t hurt people, but illegal immigrants should be able to roam free and even have their criminal activity rewarded with Amnesty.

Does this make sense to anyone else? Let’s use the “for the children!!” argument when we’re discussing immigration because if he had enforced our immigration laws the way liberals want gun laws enforced, a 6 year-old girl in New Jersey would be living a totally normal life right now, away from the trauma of sexual assault. If we’re going to talk about things that are a danger to the American public, let’s start with the fact that there is no right to live in America and there is a right to own a firearm. We can deal with our issues accordingly.

But you won’t hear any calls for tighter immigration laws from liberals after this. It will be conveniently swept under the rug by liberals who simply can’t handle the truth.

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