The Internet is This Close to Discovering Who Killed DNC Staffer Seth Rich

The Internet is This Close to Discovering Who Killed DNC Staffer Seth Rich

The unsolved murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich may have happened last July, but it’s just captivated the public attention. Police claim that Rich was murdered after a botched robbery, but not many people believe that, as his wallet, watch and other valuables were not stolen. Conspiracy theories have begun to flourish and now, some Internet sleuths think they are close to cracking the case.

The conspiracy theories started after a private investigator claimed to have discovered that Rich had been the DNC staffer sending e-mails to WikiLeaks. That claim garnered a lot of attention, but it quickly fell apart when the investigator was forced to admit that he never actually saw Rich’s computer. But then Internet sleuths and activists on 4chan decided to get involved.

4chan is a notorious website that contains many anonymous message boards, often supporting discussions ranging from cartoons and fashion, to sheer racism and hardcore pornography. The board investigating the Rich murder is /pol/, which stands for politically incorrect, and goes from discussion of free speech laws to pro-Hitler posts. This board recently gained notoriety for harassing actor Shia Labeouf’s ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ installation.

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It all started when conservative activist Ali Akbar asked the /pol/ board to start investigating which DNC staffers worked with Rich. Akbar is most known for being a member of the alt-right who is often associated with people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Lucian Wintrich. He’s previously been convicted of felony theft and credit card fraud.

After Akbar sent out the tweet asking for help, 4chan got to digging. They discovered that many of Rich’s former coworkers had left the DNC to work for Correct the Record, David Brock’s pro-Clinton nonprofit organization. They then began looking into employees at the hospital where Rich was taken after being shot and later died. Conspiracy theorists believe that someone at the hospital helped kill Rich.

One poster claimed that he was a surgical resident at the hospital, Washington Hospital Center, and said that Rich had been shot three times — not twice, as law enforcement says. He also says that law enforcement was behaving suspiciously.

4chan sleuths also believe that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is involved in the conspiracy, with some doctors and hospital staff named by /pol/ as being part of the union.

They then moved on to the issue of security cameras, asking why the footage hadn’t been made public yet.

Still, despite all of their wild speculation and conspiracy theories, none of the Internet sleuths have been able to find anything significant on Rich’s murder.

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