Is George Zimmerman On Trial For The Right Reason Or For Being Hispanic?

Although the Trayvon Martin shooting has turned out to be surprisingly ambiguous, it seems appropriate that he is going to face a trial. After all, he didn’t shoot a burglar to death or defend himself from someone trying to knife him on the subway; he shot an unarmed teenager to death who apparently was just walking to his father’s house when Zimmerman originally happened upon him.

That being said, at this point, it’s an open question whether Zimmerman is going to get a fair trial.

Keep in mind that originally, the police chose not to charge him and the only reason he’s being charged with 2nd degree murder now is because of political pressure. So, that makes the trial suspect from the get-go. Moreover, this case has turned into a circus. There’s a lynch mob running around Zimmerman’s life, the mainstream media has consistently reported false facts about the case that make Zimmerman look bad, the President of the United States has expressed sympathy for Martin, there is a US congresswoman who’s openly declared that Zimmerman is guilty, and there’s an implicit threat of violence and riots if he’s found innocent.

How does George Zimmerman get a fair trial under those circumstances? Honestly, he probably doesn’t — and that’s very troubling. If George Zimmerman is innocent of Second Degree Murder — and he very well may be — he shouldn’t go to jail because Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Ben Jealous, Barack Obama, Bobby Rush and all the other race hustlers thought they could make some money or gain some political advantage by exploiting Martin’s death.

Certainly no one should make the mistake that so many of Trayvon Martin’s supporters have and pre-judge this case before it goes to trial, but it’s worth noting that George Zimmerman deserves justice just as much as Trayvon Martin does. If he’s guilty, then he should go to jail for his crime. But, if he’s not, he shouldn’t end up in prison because he’s a Hispanic guy who shot a black guy, as opposed to a black guy who shot another black guy, which Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and Spike Lee apparently couldn’t care less about.

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