It’s A “Bloody Mess” As A Family Of SIX Is Found Dead, In Chicago’s ‘Most Violent Crime In A Decade’

It’s A “Bloody Mess” As A Family Of SIX Is Found Dead, In Chicago’s ‘Most Violent Crime In A Decade’

It’s common knowledge that Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, but there are some murders that are more gruesome than the rest. This is one of those murders.


From The Daily Mail:

The mystery surrounding the deaths of a family-of-six found murdered in their Chicago home has deepened, with police now believing they were killed in a ‘targeted’ attack.

The bodies of Rosaura Hernandez, 58, and Noe Martinez, 62, their son Noe Martinez Jr, 38, daughter Maria Herminia Martinez, 32, and her two sons Leonardo and Alexis, aged 13 and 10, were found inside their house on Thursday.

Police were initially investigating whether their deaths were the result of a murder-suicide, but now think it is possible that someone in the family ‘was involved in something that could have targeted them’.

The slaughter is the most violent incident in the city since 2003, authorities said.

‘This appears certainly centered and targeted on that family, and what we’re trying to do is figure out why,’ police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

Cook County medical examiner’s office said on Friday that all of the deaths were homicides, with five stabbed and the sixth shot.

But Chicago Police said there were no signs of forced entry and the home had not been ransacked.

Authorities officially confirmed the six family members on Saturday. Relatives had earlier posted their names on a GoFundMe page set up to help pay for the costs of sending their bodies to their native Mexico for their funerals.

Crosses placed outside the front of the South Side home by loved ones all bore the names of the six dead.

Medical examiners said five of the six died from ‘sharp force’ or ‘blunt force’ injuries, the Chicago Tribune reported.

However, Maria Herminia Martinez – known as Maria Hernandez – died from multiple gunshot wounds, officials said.

Police said on Thursday that they had not ruled out the possibility of one of the six dead committing suicide, but police are now investigating whether they were slaughtered by someone outside of the family.

Chief of Detectives Eugene Roy said officers were called to the scene by a colleague of one of the family as they had not shown up to work for days.

This family member is believed to Noe Martinez Jr, who was a window cleaner at O’Hare Airport.

His last post on Facebook on Tuesday morning: ‘Very good morning friends. Happy Tuesday.’

Cops found the doors locked and saw a body on the floor through a window.

One of the police officers sent a radio message from outside the home, saying: ‘Roll ambulance this way. We got people passed out. Don’t know if they’re dead or what. We’ll make a forced entry too.’

As they smashed their way through the door, he told the dispatcher: ‘Send a sarge over here, it’s a bloody mess.’

Chief Roy said there was no sign that there was no sign of anyone forcing their way into the home before police, adding that the home had not been ‘ransacked’.

Police said there was no threat to the wider community and are not looking for anyone else, although they are still chasing up leads.

The six are believed to have been killed between late Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning, when their dead bodies were discovered.

The bodies were taken away for autopsies on Thursday evening. Forensics investigators are still combing the scene.

Please pray for this family and their relatives.

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