It’s Time for the FBI to Classify the Occupy Movement as a Gang

In practice, as people invest more and more of their time in the (Occupy) movement and don’t see any results, you’ll probably see more arrests, radicalism, and violence. Then, eventually, either Donny Deutsch will get his wish and they’ll go out in a Kent State style blaze of glory, the locals will get tired of stepping in human excrement when they go to work and they’ll demand the local government shut down the protests, or it’ll just get cold and the numbers will dwindle down to handfuls of people until the liberal cuckoo birds return in the spring. — John Hawkins, 10/21/2011

The Occupy Movement has always been a pretty dodgy political movement. There are no leaders, no demands, no cohesive agenda uniting the people who are attending — just a bunch of thugs, anarchists, bums, college students, revolutionaries, liberal activists and freeloaders camping out and looking to make trouble. In violation of the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution, sympathetic mayors have often allowed members of the Occupy Movement to get away with breaking the law. Cops have turned a blind eye, permits and fees have been waived, and they’ve been allowed to do things on a regular basis that would get anyone else arrested.

When citizen pressure has finally forced mayors to attempt to enforce the law, like say actually refusing to allow the Occupy Movement to camp overnight in public parks where no camping is allowed — the police, not the criminals in the Occupy Movement, have been treated as the problem by the Left.

This is bad enough.

However, because the Occupy Movement has often gotten away with breaking the law, it’s becoming increasingly disruptive and violent.

There have already been 6500 arrests (If the law had been enforced, there probably should have been 3-4 times that many) 10 deaths and the protests have cost more than 26 million dollars.

Now we’re seeing the Occupy Movement deliberately block traffic, disrupt pro-life rallies, throw condoms at Catholic school girls, invade conservative conferences and push old ladies down the stairs.

This isn’t the Occupy Movement using its right to free speech; this is the Occupy Movement attempting to shut down other people’s free speech. This isn’t the Occupy Movement being pushed around; this is the Occupy Movement attempting to provoke violence — and it’s being allowed, approved, and applauded on the Left.

That says a lot about the moral bankruptcy of liberalism, but it also says something about the lack of blind justice in this country. If the FBI can declare the Insane Clown Posse’s fans, Juggalos, to be a criminal gang, then it’s certainly time that it does the same thing to the Occupy Movement. At a minimum, we should have judges looking to throw the book at members of the Occupy Movement to set an example. The Occupy Movement has a right to free speech, but nobody has a right to break the law and squelch other people’s free speech with impunity.

This was originally published on The Huffington Post

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