‘There is no justice’: Mother’s anger after babysitter charged with killing girl, age 3, by force-feeding her WATER has still not been brought to court 12 years later

I can’t imagine the horror of losing a child like this. But to have to wait twelve years to see the accused come to trial? Unthinkable. I highly doubt that this little girl ingested over a gallon of water in the bath by herself. It looks to me that there is definitely a murder conviction pending on this one. But the so-called justice system has taken so long, the woman can only get 30 years now due to a tweak in the law, instead of life in Florida. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Twelve years after the death of 3-year-old Rosita Gonzalez, her accused killer still has not been tried in court.

From the Daily Mail:

A dozen years after 3-year-old Rosita Gonzalez’s death, her alleged killer has still not been brought to justice.

The toddler died on October 15, 2002, just one day after being admitted to the hospital for vomiting and seizures.

Doctors reported her symptoms to the police, saying they were consistent water intoxication, and the finger of blame fell on babysitter Nancy Gayoso, now 45.

Twelve years later, Gayoso has still not been brought to trial and remains free on bond thanks to several delays in her case.

This has left Gonazlez’s mother Carmen Saldarriago Pinedo unable to heal from the incredibly traumatic experience of losing a child.

‘There is no justice. It’s been 12 years that I’ve lived in frustration,’ Pinedo told the Sun-Sentinel.

In 2002, Pinedo was a single mother renting a room in Gayoso’s Hollywood, Florida home. When Gayoso offered to take care of little Rosita while her mother worked clearing tables at a Peruvian restaurant, Pinedo accepted.

After Rosita’s untimely death, the medical examiner ruled it a homicide, saying the girl had been forced to ingest nearly a gallon of water in the four hours before she was hospitalized.

That caused her sodium levels to drop and her brain to swell, sending her into shock and shutting down her vital organs.

During those four hours, Rosita was in the care of Gayoso, though she says the little girl ingested the water herself, while taking a bath.

If the woman is as they say mentally incompetent, I don’t know how her attorney can say she would not hurt a fly. A child is dead, either through negligence or malice and this woman should pay for her crime. The grieving mother deserves that much, so she can be at peace finally. That child will never run and play again… never laugh or cry again… never grow up. But the accused has been out on bail free in one fashion or another for twelve years. Florida’s court system is obviously defective. The trial will probably take place soon, but it should never have waited anywhere near this long.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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