KILL THE POLICE!!! Said the peaceful, loving, liberal [VIDEO]

KILL THE POLICE!!! Said the peaceful, loving, liberal [VIDEO]

Anti-Trump protesters chanted ‘Kill the police!’ as they threw rocks at the police in Indianapolis. Riots ensued in Portland, Las Vegas. Los Angeles, DC, New York, Atlanta, Salt Lake City and other cities. Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in another night of protesting and many were tear gassed in Portland. Portland, where I have family, is the place where a young woman had an emergency and drove into the crowds there. Someone proceeded to take a baseball bat to her windshield. I don’t know what happened to her. The media recorded the event and then turned their backs on her and walked away, leaving her to fend for her own survival. The police did not come either as they had been ordered to use a hands-off approach. That is where we are folks.

The anti-Trumpers in Portland threw road flares at the cops when they did respond. The police threw flash grenades back at the crowds. Dozens were arrested in Portland as violence spun out of control there. In Los Angeles, 8,000 took to the streets of the City of Angels. In my old stomping grounds of Las Vegas, they blocked The Strip. That must have been a mad house.


From the Daily Mail:

Police hurled flash grenades and used tear gas on protesters on Saturday night as anti-Trump demonstrations continued across the country in the fourth night of unrest since his shock election victory.

Dozens of people were arrested in Portland, Oregon, where crowds threw burning road flares.

Hundreds gathered outside City Hall in Los Angeles to face off against riot police after a daytime march with drew 8,000 people.

Other rallies took place in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Washington DC, and Phoenix, as the anti-Trump backlash continued to grow.

In Indianapolis, crowds chanted ‘kill the police’ as they threw rocks at officers in a separate protest.

In Portland, officers battled crowds for the fourth night in a row and were forced to resort to using flash grenades to control them.

Nineteen had been arrested by midnight and several more were taken into custody later, said detectives, who live tweeted throughout the escalating violence.

At 2am, they wrote: ‘Dozens of people arrested in protests Saturday night and Sunday morning.

‘Protesters throwing burning road flares at police on Broadway & Stark. Multiple arrests, diversionary bang device used.’

Michael Moore showed up in New York to demand that Donald Trump step down. That guy needs to just go away. People like Michael Moore are a huge part of this problem and it’s getting worse thanks to them.

Portland saw some of the worst of the riots since Trump’s shock election win. A man was shot overnight on Friday as crowds marched around him. Police are still sharing CCTV images of vandals smashing store fronts and car windows to try to identify those responsible for the chaos. Anarchists… so predictable.

Indianapolis saw pro and anti-Trump voters fighting in the streets, with one bold Republican driving a military truck through crowds wielding a ‘Trump Pence 2016’ sign. There were also protests in Chicago, where thousands marched through the streets of downtown and rallied outside Trump’s hotel in the city.

I think this is going to get much worse. These instigators are going to use Trump as an excuse to really get their violence on. States and cities better be ready and willing to bring in the National Guard and quell the riots. It’s a heck of a way to start the Trump era.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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