Letter Penned by Stanford Rape Victim’s Boyfriend Reveals DEVASTATING Evidence

Letter Penned by Stanford Rape Victim’s Boyfriend Reveals DEVASTATING Evidence

Brock Turner, the Stanford rapist, has a dad who thinks that sexual assault is just “20 minutes of action” and that his precious baby, his special little snowflake, is being tortured so much by his fun times with an unconscious girl that he can’t enjoy things like pizza anymore. Meanwhile, a letter written by the boyfriend of the rape victim — you know, the girl who actually was victimized here — is still devastated by the crime committed against her.

Rape victim

From the Daily Mail:

The boyfriend of the woman raped by former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, 20, has written a heartbreaking letter in which he writes he is still ‘tormented’ by the attack.

The Ivy League graduate who is in a long term relationship with the victim and lives with her, also wrote of feeling ‘physically sick’ after learning of the assault.

He had spoken to his girlfriend approximately 30 minutes before she was raped and wrote of the experience in the missive, which was addressed to Judge Aaron Persky.

‘I remember very well that I could instantaneously recognize that she was extremely, disturbingly intoxicated – she was unable to articulate coherent words or sentences,’ he said.


‘I take a personal stance that Brock Turner know, without a doubt in mind, that [the victim] was vulnerable and extraordinarily drunk before he assaulted her.

‘I now know that within 40 minutes after I heard my girlfriend in this state, another man approached her and sexually penetrated her.

‘I also now know, having heard it said aloud countless times, seen it published in the media, and been tormented by the image as I try to fall asleep, that Brock Turner was found on top of my unconscious girlfriend.’

Referring to the two Swedish graduate students, Peter Jonsson and Carl-Frederik Arndt, who intervened to save her, he added:

‘Two exchange students from Sweden found him doing exactly that – thrusting on top of my unconscious girlfriend.

‘While it should go without saying, the above images haunt me in a deeply disturbing way.’
The boyfriend was one of seven people, plus the victim herself, who wrote to Judge Persky before the sentencing hearing on June 2 to ask for stiff punishment for Turner.

… In his letter, her boyfriend also referred to Turner’s many lies and accused him of making things worse for the victim by dragging out proceedings and forcing the case to go to trial.

‘Looking back, the full array of legal activities and trial has been public, invasive and long – and extended by Brock Turner who insisted on taking a losing case to trial.

‘Understandably, [the victim] is indignant that the assailant [Turner] tormented her family, violated her intimacy and security, intruded on her privacy, and drove her to put her full time job on hold.

‘But we should by no means view the impact of Brock Turner’s crime as limited to the behaviors above.’

He then went on to reveal how the victim has been left afraid to sleep alone with the lights off and becomes ‘deeply upset and abrasive whenever the incident is raised’.

He also says she now habitually locks herself in the bathroom for hours at a time and wanders the city streets during the day when he is not at home.

However, her boyfriend also writes of how proud he is of her ‘fortitude’ and says she now hopes to be a voice for raped women all over the world.

‘I know from conversations with [the victim] that she has decided to be a leader for sexual assault victims around the world in this case,’ he said.

‘She has shown boldness in her everyday interactions, as a strong leader for women and victims, that drives her to show confidence, pride and nobility over weakness or pain.

And yet the rapist himself, and his enabling, spoiling parents, are making this all about him and how his life has been ruined. Really, how do these monsters sleep at night?

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