Liberals Outraged Over Black Man Gunned Down by Cops, But Bodycam Footage Silences Them

Liberals Outraged Over Black Man Gunned Down by Cops, But Bodycam Footage Silences Them

Liberals love to claim that police have a racist tendency to shoot people of color simply because of the color of their skin and not because they’re actually doing anything wrong. Any time a cop enters an altercation with a black person, it is immediately assumed that the officer(s) were engaging in racial profiling. If that interaction ends in a fatal shooting, it is also assumed that the officer behaved inappropriately and should have used a non-lethal way of taking down the suspect instead.

There has been a call recently to arm all cops with bodycams so that they can record all incidences as a way to prove their guilt or innocence. This doesn’t always end well for those who think that officers are horrible people who just pick on black people as a way to oppress the community.

42 year-old father-of-five Pedro Pierre was fatally shot by police and his family is in an uproar. They are saying that he didn’t have to die after his altercation with two officers, but security and bodycam footage appear to tell a different tale.

A deputy entered an apartment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he ran into Pedro. Despite using the aforementioned non-lethal methods of subduing the violent suspect (a taser and baton), video shows the man assaulting the officer. The deputy was punched, kicked and dragged around by the leg before another officer is seen shooting Pierre.

“Don’t point at me, man. Step back,” says the unidentified deputy as he enters the apartment.

“Step back for who?” Pierre responds.

“Step back,” the officer repeats.

“For who? For you?” Pierre asks again.

Seconds later, the deputy is seen running out of the apartment being chased by Pedro. The two end up in the parking lot where the first physical altercation takes place. The deputy pulls out his taser, but can’t subdue his attacker. He repeatedly yells at Pierre to “back down” and “stand down,” but that’s not what the suspect had in mind.

Watch the video below, but he warned, it does contain graphic footage that is not suitable for all audiences:

The suspect repeatedly attacks the officer, who says “Settle down! Tell me what is wrong!” But Pierre wasn’t interested in talking. He continues to punch and kick the officer.

A second deputy comes over to help out, yelling at the suspect to “get your hands up,” and “get down.” Pedro instead drags the first officer by his leg for a bit before letting him go and taking off after the new deputy. This time, he wasn’t so lucky.

The deputy fired his weapon, killing Pierre.

The family has said things like “he didn’t mean it” and “this wasn’t like Pedro,” but the video tells a different story altogether.

Is this an appropriate use of deadly force? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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