Look What a ‘Drunk’ OJ Simpson Was Just Caught Doing In Las Vegas

He hasn’t been out of prison for all that long and it would appear that OJ Simpson doesn’t know how to conduct himself as a respectable (and respectful) adult just yet.

He has apparently been removed from a top-tier bar in Las Vegas called “Clique” in The Cosmopolitan Hotel after becoming “drunk and unruly.” I don’t know, maybe he gets a pass for serving 33-years in prison and then going out and having half a beer to get blackout drunk.

Simpson has been spotted at a series of bars around Vegas since his October 2nd release from prison, but has not had an issue until Wednesday night where staff at the bar (where cocktails cost $25-$30 by the way, holy cow) say he became angry with them and started being disruptive. They were forced to call security after Simpson began breaking glasses.

The disgraced ex-football star was physically removed from the bar. While he was reportedly “polite” to the security staff, they still informed him that he is banned from the hotel and cannot return. Fitting punishment for acting like a fool in public.

Celebrity gossip website TMZ also reportedly obtained a clip of the police call which led to Simpson being ejected from the establishment.

After one voice asks for confirmation that it is indeed OJ at the bar, another voice responds affirmatively.

“Orenthal’s here,” it says. “Correction: the location. He’s actually sitting inside the bar. He was asking about the pizza shop.”

Since being released from prison, it appears that OJ has been living a fairly easy life, playing golf, getting cuddly with models and sipping high-priced drinks at hotel bars. He’s staying in a freakin’ mansion in Vegas as well, which I suppose makes sense, given that they condone all manner of debauchery there. Perhaps he’ll learn to tone it down a little.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in prison for 33-years of my life only to finally make it out and be set loose on Las Vegas like a wild animal, but I’m imagining that OJ is just doing all of the things he’d dreamed about doing while in a cell. I can’t say I blame him, but getting drunk to the point of belligerence and rudeness is not a good look for a guy that a lot of America still considers to be a murderer.

Then again, low-key never really was his style.

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