Looks Like Walter Scott Tased Michael Slager

Officer Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott in the back is exactly what the liberal establishment needed to paper over a growing awareness that the Michael Brown and Eric Garner spectacles were built on deceptions and downright lies. However, when something sounds too good to be true, there is probably more to the story. It appears that during the prolonged struggle, Scott got ahold of Slager’s Taser and blasted him with it in the chest and leg. A Taser wire leading straight into Slager’s chest can be seen in this still:


Via The Last Refuge:

In the micro-seconds of decision-making, and having chased a fleeing suspect, and having physically struggled for almost two minutes, a scenario emerges where Slager -having lost the advantage of his Taser, and facing the risk of incapacitation from his own Taser being used against him – doesn’t realize (as they stand up – still fighting) the cartridge has dislodged from the trigger assembly.

The Taser wire is clearly still attached to Officer Slager as he draws his firearm to regain control against the risk presented by Scott.

It would be horrifying to think that Slager’s actions fell short of murder, yet he gets sent down for murder as a political sacrifice. The one certain thing is that we cannot count on the establishment media to tell the story straight.

Scott certainly had an attitude.

On tips from DJ, Reaganite Republican, and Rob E. Hat tip: CCC. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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