Man ‘fathered twelve children by two women in cult then imprisoned & RAPED his offspring’

Man ‘fathered twelve children by two women in cult then imprisoned & RAPED his offspring’

Look up evil in the dictionary, and you may very well see this man’s name. Melford Warren, Jr., is a suspected cult leader who had scores of children by two women in his cult, only to then beat, starve, imprison, and rape those children.

melford warren jr

A suspected cult figure and father of twelve children by at least two women allegedly starved, beat and raped them.

Melford Warren Jr, 43, carved out a sickening reign of sexual violence and cruelty against his own offspring, according to investigators in suburban Washington.

Warren was arrested on child rape and other abuse charges last week after sheriff’s deputies uncovered what they describe as ‘some kind of cult activity’ around Warren and his bizarre family.

The mothers of his 12 children – Amanjot Jaswal, 28, and Shannon Smith, 41 – have also been hit with charges of criminal mistreatment, and appeared in court this week.

According to the Seattle Pi, the two women accept that the Warren brood are theirs, but refuse to describe Warren as either a boyfriend or husband.

Jaswal in particular was referred to by some of the children as The Breeder, the Pi reported.

Court documents say the children range from being infants to 13 years old, and said that those whom the police questioned all seemed coached not to give any information away.

Warren is accused of at least two rapes – one of which allegedly took place on a woodland campsite the day officers launched a raid to rescue the children.

… One of the kids – a daughter whose age was not disclosed – said that Warren was raping her during the campsite raid.

Another said that Warren broke her arm and attacked her for being illiterate. He is said to have threatened the girl with a gun, choked her and hit her with a bat.

According to charging papers, another girl who was just 14 months old had her arm broken by Warren after he threw her at a sofa.

The children were also allegedly imprisoned in the attic and bathroom of a home the family used in the town of Port Orchard, while being starved, beaten and denied medical care.

A sheriff’s spokesman told the KCPQ news station: ‘It’s one of the worst cases of abuse we’ve ever seen.’

For some inexplicable reason, a judge decided to allow one of these mothers to be released from jail. It’s nothing short of evil, how this man abused these children — but it’s just as evil for these women to sit by and allow their children to be victimized by him.

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