Man Hides In Forest After Raping And Killing Girlfriend’s 1 Yr-Old Daughter

Man Hides In Forest After Raping And Killing Girlfriend’s 1 Yr-Old Daughter

I don’t know how one becomes this evil, if they are born with it or develop it over time, but I can assure you of one thing, there is a special place in hell for someone like this.

Violence against children is inexcusable and heinous, but to rape and murder a one year-old? That is indescribably awful.

Unfortunately, that’s the tragic fate that befell baby Sereniti Jazzlynn-Sky Blankenship-Sutley at the hands of 37 year-old Joshua Gurto.

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At the time of the infant’s death, Gurto was dating Kelsie, the child’s mother. Both were questioned immediately after the baby’s death and while Kelsie isn’t facing any charges, Gurto went on the run and spent the last three weeks hiding in the forest. If that’s not an admission of guilt, I don’t know what is.

He was seen on surveillance video attempting to get a ride from a man who didn’t recognize him. The man’s truck broke down and they were forced to stop at a service station, where Gurto was caught on camera. Police managed to track down the man who had given the monster a ride and questioned him as to the final destination of the suspect. His answers led cops to Franklin Lakes, Pennsylvania, where Gurto was cuffed. This location was approximately 120 miles away from where he killed the innocent child.

A local officer who recognized Gurto from a picture stopped him in a Sheetz parking lot. He drew his service weapon and ordered Gurto to identify himself and when he did, the officer took him into custody with no resistance. He remains in prison on charges of aggravated rape and murder.

I will say right now that whatever sentence he is given, it will be too good for him. I’m stuck between wanting him to suffer in prison (even they have standards there and don’t take kindly to those who injure children) and wanting to put a bullet between his eyes so he can have a nice, long talk with God about his misdeeds. That and it puts him out of the taxpayers’ misery.

Unfortunately, neither outcome will bring back baby Sereniti or fill the gaping hole that this tragedy has left in the hearts and souls of those who loved her. We can only hope that the treatment inflicted upon him in gen pop is equal to or significantly worse than what he did to that poor infant. It would only be just.

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