Man Kills Teen Then Sells Flesh As ‘Salted Meat’ To Starving People

Man Kills Teen Then Sells Flesh As ‘Salted Meat’ To Starving People

Venezuela is in dire need, so much so that some people have used human flesh to sell off as animal flesh. One such man is now caught after he murdered a teenager and dismembered his body so that he could sell off the body parts as some kind of salted capybara meat, a regular goody for Venezuelans.

The man that killed the teen is Abel Davis Hernández, 27. The murder is what earned the killer the name of “Güires Monster.” The 17 year-old Liu Eduard Cabrera Rodríguez was to be sold off as meat. Literally.

For some odd reason, the media reported that Rodriguez had declined to give Hernández two iguanas that he had. For what purpose, you can only guess. When he didn’t get his iguanas, Hernández became enraged and killed him. He then divided up the teen’s body parts and went on to try and sell off the parts of his body as “chigüire,” or capybara, that giant round nose rat-like animal. They are edible treats for Venezuelans and are the largest species of rodent. Food for thought.

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Hernández was on the run, but was hiding in plain sight by using his brother’s identity. That didn’t last long because he was caught after a year of avoiding the authorities.

Lt. Col. Mario Chacón Arroyo said of the capture:

“This capture was executed by Deputy Edgar Colina, commander of the Zodi-61. Thanks to his intelligence work, we were able to capture this killer who was being requested for the crime of homicide motivated by futile and ignoble motives.”

As you should have known by now, this kind of behavior from the people in this country is nothing new. The country is in shambles due to the socialist policies that drove it into the ground and into full collapse. This collapse makes it one of the most egregious humanitarian events in history.

The eating of human flesh has been happening for a while. Just in Táchira, Venezuela, many parents of prisoners that where incarcerated had claimed the government was not even interested in catching a certain killer called the “People Eater,” who was killing and eating their incarcerated children while behind bars.

We have already heard the earlier reports of people hunting down stray dogs for food and also killing and stealing animals that where protected in the zoo. It was only a matter of time before people started to move on to each other as food. This is a sign of the horrible conditions of the country.

The dictator of the country, Nicolás Maduro, claimed that he would introduce “creative solutions within our socialist, productive vision.” One of those solutions is to implement rabbit farms all over the country.

Now you know why the mass starvation across the country is called the “Maduro diet,” something the government hates. Obviously.

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