Man Left Brain Dead By Attacker Shouting “I Hate White People”

Man Left Brain Dead By Attacker Shouting “I Hate White People”

Why isn’t this case just as significant as the Trayvon Martin case? Actually, scratch that. Given the ambiguous nature of the Trayvon Martin case, why isn’t this case an even bigger deal?

The race-baiting media are going to be put to a serious challenge in the coming days following a tragic hate crime committed in New York City’s Union Square Wednesday.

As CBS’s New York affiliate reported late Friday evening, a retired train conductor was left brain dead when an African-American man unknown to him attacked him after shouting “I hate white people”…

According to eyewitnesses, Jeffrey Babbitt was apparently minding his business as he walked through the crowd near the chess boards in Union Square when Lashawn Marten yelled “I hate white people.”

“He said ‘the next white person who walks by I’m going to [expletive],’” one female eyewitness told CBS NY. “His fist went in and the man’s head bobbed and he hit the ground and you could hear his skull hitting the ground.”

Babbitt was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where he’s currently in a coma and pronounced brain dead. He is not expected to survive the attack.

Police say Marten then attacked two other people who sustained minor injuries.

Due to his racist comments heard by numerous witnesses, Marten will likely also be charged with a hate crime.

Jeffrey Babbitt is 62 years old and took care of his ailing 92 year old mother. He was briefly walking around after the attack, but then he tumbled to the ground and he’s been pronounced brain dead. Can you imagine the grief and agony his mother must be feeling after hearing about what happened to her son?

So, why is her grief unimportant to the media? Why is the attack on Charles Babbit not inspiring that great racial dialogue that liberals want to have? Especially since there are a lot more white people like Charles Babbit killed by black Americans than vice-versa? Does Charles Babbit’s life not matter because it doesn’t fit the narrative that liberals want to present about America being an awful racist place where people like Charles Babbit victimize thugs like Lashawn Marten? It’s time for more Americans to start asking those questions.

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