Man Meets Cop Through Gay Dating AP For “Hot, Dirty, Sleazy” Sex – Then Follows Disturbing Orders… [VIDEO]

Man Meets Cop Through Gay Dating AP For “Hot, Dirty, Sleazy” Sex – Then Follows Disturbing Orders… [VIDEO]

It’s only natural for people to find books, movies and TV shows that they love. But what happens when a fan turns obsessed? And what if the show they’re obsessed with is violent? Stefano Brizzi was a sadomasochist gay man obsessed with the TV show “Breaking Bad.” So, he baited a police officer, brutally murdered him and then disposed of his victim’s body in a sick, twisted way.


Brizzi used the gay dating app Grindr to arrange for a meeting with PC Gordon Semple. He had baited several men with the promise of a drug-fueled orgy, but after Semple showed up, he got to business and murdered Semple.

Semple was said to have been in a relationship, but was “promiscuous” and allegedly used Grindr for “‘extreme’ encounters of ‘domination, bondage and much else besides.” Semple and Brizzi had invited multiple men, but for reasons unknown, began strangling Semple. Prosecutor Crispin Aylett said that Brizzi turned away a man nicknamed ‘CD’ while he was in the middle of the murder.

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“When CD pressed the entry buzzer, someone who can only have been the defendant, replied over the intercom, ‘We are having a situation here. Someone fell ill but we’re taking care of it. So our party is cancelled’. CD turned around and went home,” Aylett explained. Brizzi recounted the scenario, saying, “I was right in the middle of strangling Gordon and I said to – he was right there at the door – and I said to him ‘Look, this is not the right time now, people are falling ill and it’s a mess’.”


When Semple’s partner was unable to get in touch with him, he reported him missing to police. Meanwhile, in the days following the murder, Brizzi’s neighbors began noticing an awful smell coming from his apartment. It got so bad, though, that they alerted police. When they arrived, Brizzi was wearing nothing but sunglasses and underwear and most disturbingly, found a bathtub filled with acid and chunks of flesh floating in it.

Brizzi explained, “I’ve tried to dissolve the body … I’ve killed a police officer. I killed him last week. I met him on Grindr and I killed him. Satan told me to.”

Allegedly, Brizzi was a heavy user of crystal meth and it was his drug use that cost him his job at Morgan Stanley. He was reportedly obsessed with the show “Breaking Bad” and liked to brag about his sexual exploits. He boasted that he loved the devil and enjoyed participating in “satanic rituals” such as having sex on top of a pentagon. During a meeting with a support group, he bragged that he had previously tied a man up, treated him like a dog and made him go inside a cage.

Strangely, despite admitting to the crime multiple times, Brizzi has issued a formal plea of not guilty and is now denying strangling Semple.

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