Man Rapes And Kills Ex-Girlfriend Then Eats Her Heart, Lungs And Brain [VIDEO]

Man Rapes And Kills Ex-Girlfriend Then Eats Her Heart, Lungs And Brain [VIDEO]

In a horrific case that can only be described as pure evil, a man from Indiana is being accused of slaughtering his ex-girlfriend in her own home, then mutilating and devouring parts of her body. He is deemed unfit mentally to receive a trial as of yet and the judge has put a hold on his trial.

It was Clark County Judge Vicki Carmichael who decided that 36 year-old Joseph Oberhansley was not in his right mind and thus incompetent to stand trial for his accused crime. This was decided after three different doctors had performed an evaluation on him.

According to the court documents, the prosecution claimed that Oberhansley had gone to the Jeffersonville home of his 46 year-old ex-girlfriend, Tammy Jo Blanton, and broke in at night back in September of 2014. They continued to claim that he had raped her, then stabbed her numerous times till she was dead. He then cut out parts of her body and ate them.

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The Judge had decided to hold off on the trial after Oberhansley’s defense attorneys Brent Westerfeld and Bart Betteau went ahead and decided to file a motion, claiming that their client was unable to adequately participate in the trial due to his mental state, or even fully understand what was going on.

“He is suspicious, paranoid, uncommunicative, and agitated,” his defense wrote, stating that he was also in ‘complete breakdown’ and communication between them was not working.

The evaluation reports by psychologists and psychiatrists have been filed under seal, reported the Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky, which is across the Ohio River from Jeffersonville.

Jeremy Mull is a Clark County Prosecutor and he says that the trial will happen, it’s only a matter of time. He said he intends to bring the case to trial eventually. Oberhansley may be mentally unstable to undergo any trial at the time, but he will be participating in a program that includes ‘competency restoration’ treatments. These may be the key to getting him back in a mental state well enough to actually try him as competent.

The only thing the media was able to pick up from Oberhansley, while on his way to court on Wednesday, was him claiming that he was innocent and also “outraged by these false charges against me.” This is going to be a gruesome trial, but justice will serve out. You can’t get away with raping and slaughtering someone, and then eating their body. That cannot stand.

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