Man throws a chair in a courtroom after the judge hands down her ruling, but wait until you see why [Video]

I can’t imagine losing both parents, much less your two year-old daughter to a car accident. There are very few details here, but by the reactions, I would say the driver was at fault. I did read the driver was going 120km on a road that allowed 80km. A judge handed down one of the lightest sentences in what I assume is a Dutch court that I have ever seen. 120 hours of community service or 60 days in jail for vehicular manslaughter appears to be a monstrous lack of justice.

From Rare:

This video shows a man throwing a chair in a courtroom after the judge hands down her ruling.

According to the Reddit user, the judge ruled that a car driver who killed the man’s two-year-old daughter and her grandparents only got 120 hours of community service.

“Father throws chair at judge after the driver that killed his 2 year old daughter and her grandparents in a car accident only got 120 hours of community service,” the video caption read.

As a commenter noted, sadly the father who threw the chair at the judge will probably get more time than the person who killed his family. It broke my heart to hear the mother weeping uncontrollably outside the courtroom. The judge looked totally unmoved by the whole affair. Holland has become a Marxist refuge. I wouldn’t be surprised if the defendant was Muslim – that is how out of control political correctness has become over there. Regardless of race or religious affiliation, 120 hours is a slap in the face compared to the pain and suffering this family must be going through. But if you want to know what is wrong in this world, take a gander at one of the comments on Rare’s post – it’s mind blowing:

Mr Smart • 2 days ago

This happened in the Netherlands, and they have an excellent court system and are far more just than other nations, the excessively racist United States in particular. The man who accidentally caused the tragic accident was an immigrant and from a class of people that is typically oppressed, abused and looked down upon, and afterwards he was very sorry for what happened and apologized. I don’t see what good it would have been to ruin another life over this matter, especially someone who was already having difficult times thanks to the blatant privilege men like that white male father hold over him have. While the sentence might have been somewhat light, it’s honestly pretty fair. The grandparents were very old and a 2-year old is not really an adult, it was a tragic accident but they do happen and throwing temper tantrums and chairs won’t solve anything. Hopefully the privileged white man who did this was checked in some way, I’m sorry but acting out violently towards womyn like he did, a judge no less, is NEVER excusable. Sorry, you never threaten or harm a womyn. Were I the judge, I would give that man 24 hours to come to his senses and apologize for his outburst but if he did not, for his own safety and for the safety of those around him I would let him cool off for 30 days in a local jail and then mandate he attend anger management courses. I also think he might be harboring some inner anger and hatred towards womyn, as evident by his behavior and would likewise order him to attend some sensitivity courses. Being from the privileged class as he is, he needs to check that and know what he did was unacceptable.

This is what it has come to. No sympathy for the real victims and political justification for a chosen few. The anger from the commenters is sobering and frightening. I think people across the globe have just about had it with this preferential elitist mentality crap. I’m not sure I could have been as restrained as that father was.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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