Man Does UNTHINKABLE To Young Girl In Woman’s Restroom

Man Does UNTHINKABLE To Young Girl In Woman’s Restroom

Police in Chicago say a man choked an eight year-old girl until she passed out and attempted to rape her in the bathroom of a restaurant. Was he gender fluid? Did he identify as a woman? No. He just wanted to fulfill his sick and perverted desires.


From Fox News:

According to WLS-TV, the girl was with her mother at a Jason’s Deli restaurant in Chicago’s South Loop when she went by herself to use the restroom on May 7.

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Her mom reportedly heard a scream from the bathroom and ran in to find a man carrying her unconscious daughter into a stall.

Reese Hartstirn, 33, was subdued by others inside the eatery until police arrived.

Hartstirn, who’s being held without bond, was charged with aggravated kidnapping of a child, aggravated battery of a child and battery causing bodily harm.

Police say he later tried to punch an officer during his booking.

Like every other insane and disgusting policy the left forces down the American people’s throats, how much do you want to bet that a large portion of them will make the excuse for this monster? I can already hear it now, the acceptance that is was wrong, then the use of their favorite word, “BUT”, then proceeding to lay out some phony moral equivalency.

Just wait for it…

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