Masked Antifa Thugs Assault Pro-Trump Protesters & Journalists at Berkeley

Masked Antifa Thugs Assault Pro-Trump Protesters & Journalists at Berkeley

By now we’ve all seen the scenes of Antifa attacking people in Berkeley. The sad thing is that the police have done nothing to stop it. These thugs are trying to shut down the press as well as free speech with their violent tactics.

Ironically, many of the people engaging in violence were wearing “no hate” shirts, as if that somehow magically erased the hate in their hearts that they have toward white people, conservatives, Trump supporters and those who simply don’t agree with their political views.

And they wonder why their group is so small?

The hateful progressives banded together to shut down an anti-Marxism rally being held by conservatives. They called their little tea party “Rally Against Hate,” showing their love by beating conservatives, assaulting reporters and their equipment, and macing people who weren’t part of their little organization. Nice, right?

They brandished anarchist flags and broke through a police checkpoint that had been set up to take possible weapons away from people who might use them.

Joey Gibson was maced for being the leader of a pro-Trump prayer group that attended the event. He was attacked despite backing away with his hands raised, clearly showing that he did not intend to harm anyone.

Police set off a smoke grenade after Gibson had been cleared, in an attempt to drive away the rioters.

One photographer had to be rescued by police as he was beaten by Antifa cowards who clearly thought he was a white supremacist. He was seen clutching his camera and bleeding from his forehead as he was led away from the scuffle.

When President Trump condemned violence “on many sides,” this is exactly what he meant. There is no excuse for this kind of criminal behavior and I hope everyone involved is arrested and publicly shamed for this. Perhaps they would be less inclined to engage in this kind of lawless thuggery if they knew there would be consequences.

H/T: Daily Mail

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