MASSIVE BRAWLS Break Out at Malls Across America [GRAPHIC] [VIDEO]

MASSIVE BRAWLS Break Out at Malls Across America [GRAPHIC] [VIDEO]

The days after Christmas can be just as chaotic as the days leading up to the holiday, as shoppers across America rush to malls and department stores to return unwanted gifts and take advantage of post-holiday sales. But Monday, this also led to outbreaks of violence at malls across the country, where massive brawls broke out — so bad, that even SWAT teams had to be deployed.


Malls in states such as Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio, Connecticut and New York all saw fights take place and they often involved teenagers or young adults. Reports of gunfire were made, although these were often incorrect. The fights most frequently happened in the mall food court.

The Mills in Jersey Gardens, New Jersey had a fight which grew so big that 48,000 fled the mall in terror, after a loud bang ended the fight and someone began shouting “shots fired!” around 5:00 pm on Monday. Police in body armor showed up to sweep the mall and find suspects. Law enforcement later said that they have reason to believe that at least one incident was organized on social media.

No guns were found at the mall and it was later determined that the bang was actually the sound of a chair being thrown. Still, as shoppers frantically fled the mall, traffic built up and New Jersey transit buses were delayed by up to an hour. Eight people were injured in the fight and the stampede.

In Aurora, Illinois, the Fox Valley Mall also had several massive fights break out in the food court. Security guards struggled to keep people apart, and the mall eventually had to be evacuated. As the fights took place, as many as 1,000 circled the brawlers to watch. 75 police officers had to be dispatched and seven people were arrested — all minors. “I’m still a little shaken up. I’ve never seen that many people inside brawling like that,” mall employee Alexis Malone said.

The mall was closed until Tuesday morning.

In Beechwood, Ohio, officers had to use pepper spray to break up a fight in a mall food court at the Beechwood Place Mall. One minor was arrested after he struck a police officer. Police responded to the scene after hearing reports of shots fired, but no weapons were found and police confirmed there had been no gunshots. Police again said that they believed the fight had been “loosely organized on social media.”

The Arizona Mills Mall had to be put on lockdown after fights broke out both in the food court and outside of Legoland. Again, people began saying that shots had been fired, but police later confirmed that there had been no gunshots. But once the crowd believed that someone was using a gun, people began running for the exits.

In Memphis, there were incidents at two separate malls. At the Wolfchase Galleria, “several unruly juveniles and adults” had to be removed from the mall. Shoppers ran through the mall in terror after a fight took place in the food court and there were reports of shots fired. But again, there was no evidence of a gun being used, according to police. At the Oak Court Mall, police were dispatched after a fight took place and there was another report of shots fired. There were no injuries, but the mall was forced to close early.

The Hulen Mall in Forth Worth, Texas had to be locked down after 100-150 students showed up and began fighting and 60 officers had to be dispatched in order to break up the fights. The minors were taken outside and their parents came to pick them up.

A fight in the Roosevelt Field Mall in Nassau County, New York left seven people injured after someone shouted about a gun, causing a stampede. In Fayetteville, North Carolina, the Cross Creek Mall had to evacuated after a fight happened. In Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis, multiple fights broke out involved hundreds of teenagers. Police again believed that the fights had been organized on social media.

The Shoppes at Buckland Hills mall in Manchester, Connecticut had to be evacuated when teenagers began fighting and a crowd formed around them to watch.

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