Matt Walsh Just Exposed More Truth Behind Tortured Special Needs Boy – Prayers Needed

4 arrests were made in the case of a special needs boy being tortured and forced to curse white people and Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the whole situation was more depraved than originally thought.

According to Matt Walsh, the case was MUCH worse than a hate crime and after reading his analysis, I’d have to agree.


From The Blaze:

That said, I would tend to agree — though for vastly different reasons — that this atrocity was not a hate crime. It was worse. As is often the case with atrocities committed by teenagers in the inner city, it appeared that the primary motivation was not a hatred for the victim but a total indifference to him. They were not shouting in anger. They didn’t seem to be enraged at all. They were laughing. They were amused. They were having the time of their lives.

They didn’t abduct their victim and torture him because they had something against him. They abducted and tortured him because they thought nothing of him. They found his pain and fear to be utterly hilarious. It was all just a bit of recreation. They weren’t exacting revenge on an enemy — they were toying with an insect. They were pulling the legs off a grasshopper. The grasshopper happened to be a human being, but that distinction was meaningless in their eyes.

What really struck me about the video, and what always strikes me when another wave of rioting and arson breaks out ostensibly in response to “police brutality,” and what strikes me about the sky high murder rate in the inner city, etc., is that those responsible do not appear to have a conscience. Hatred, for them, would be a step up. Hatred is human. It’s emotional and passionate, albeit dangerously misdirected. But there’s something to work with. A hateful person feels something, at least. He feels the wrong things, but feeling the wrong thing is better than feeling nothing. And that’s what I see in the video: people who feel nothing. That’s what I see all over our cities, in fact.

Please take it upon yourself to read the entire article at the link above, because it is truly eye-opening. Please pray for the young boy and his family. The road to healing from this horrible example of evil is going to be long and hard, and the least we can do if pray for them.

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