Medical Marijuana That Even Drug Warriors Could Back

Let’s be honest; The overwhelming majority of people who support or use medical marijuana do it because they want to get high. Of course, most of them deny that. Well, the good news is that happily, it may soon become a moot point

Israeli scientists have cultivated a cannabis plant that doesn’t get people stoned in a development that may help those smoking marijuana for medical purposes, a newspaper said on Wednesday.

According to the Maariv daily, the new cannabis looks, smells and even tastes the same, but does not induce any of the feelings normally associated with smoking marijuana that are brought on by the substance THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

“It has the same scent, shape and taste as the original plant — it’s all the same — but the numbing sensation that users are accustomed to has disappeared,” said Tzahi Klein, head of development at Tikkun Olam, the firm that developed the species.

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…According to Maariv, Tikkun Olam sought to neutralise the effect of the THC and to increase the effect of another substance called CBD, or cannabidiol, which has been shown to help diabetics and to ease various psychiatric disorders.

Soon, anyone who does need marijuana for medical purposes will be able to get it while all the potheads won’t be able to get anything out of medical marijuana. Everyone who wants medical marijuana to be legal to help people who are suffering should be happy about this, right? Right?

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