Middle School Teacher Caught Having Sex With Young Female Student… Now She Learns Her Fate [PHOTOS]

Middle School Teacher Caught Having Sex With Young Female Student… Now She Learns Her Fate [PHOTOS]

People love to act as if all men have an inherent sexual predator hiding within them, but that’s not only insulting to men, it’s wrong — women can also be sexual predators. And one middle school teacher is a perfect example, as she was caught getting one of her middle school students drunk and having sex with her.

chelsea rose

A former middle school teacher in Kentucky has been sentenced to five years in prison for carrying on a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old female student.

A Marshall County judge handed down the sentence Monday after 24-year-old Chelsea Rose pleaded guilty to unlawful transaction with a minor.

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Rose taught seventh grade reading and coached a cheerleading squad at Reidland Middle School in Paducah.

… Rose, who is married, was arrested in early February after a student at Reidland Middle School came forward claiming she witnessed the teacher engaging in inappropriate sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl.

An investigation into the allegations revealed that the relationship between Rose and the teen had been going on for about a month.

Rose was accused of taking the victim and other minors to a home in Marshall County, where she plied then with alcohol and had sexual relations with the 14-year-old.

When questioned by police, Rose admitted to touching and kissing the girl at a drive-in, as well as giving her alcohol, according to the station WPSD.

The teacher and student also exchanged sexually explicit messages on Facebook, earning Rose an additional charge of prohibited use of an electronic communication device to procure minor in a sex offense in McCracken County.

This is a truly sick woman, and what she did to this little girl is unforgivable. She should be sent to jail for the rest of her life, so she can never abuse another child again.

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