Middle School Teacher Caught Doing the UNTHINKABLE With Young Student [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

Middle School Teacher Caught Doing the UNTHINKABLE With Young Student [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

What is it with teachers these days having extremely inappropriate relationships with their students? Is it happening more often than it used to, or are we just hearing about it more often because of the instant access to media?

Either way, I’m glad these horrible people are being named and shamed.


From WFLA:

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A former Hillsborough County teacher will head to court Monday after being accused of having sex with a student.

31-year-old Megan Connors of Brandon was a math teacher at Turkey Creek Middle School in Plant City. She was arrested in February 2015 by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office after being accused of having a romantic and sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy between January and February 2015. The boy was a student in her class, deputies say.

According to deputies, their relationship progressed over time from kissing, to Connors allowing the victim to inappropriately touch her underneath her clothing, and further progressed to Connors having sex with the student multiple times while at the school, during school hours.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Connors would even pull the student from other classes to have sex at school. On another occasion, Connors and the victim left school in her car and drove to the victim’s home where they had sex in the boy’s bedroom.

Who looks at a kid in their class and says to themselves, “I’d like to go home with him/her.” Where has morality gone?

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