Migrant Man Who Raped Boy Claiming It Was A “Sexual Emergency” Has Sentence REDUCED

Migrant Man Who Raped Boy Claiming It Was A “Sexual Emergency” Has Sentence REDUCED

One of the many Iraqi asylum seekers who were let into Germany and who was arrested for raping a 10 year-old boy in a public swimming pool in Vienna will now have his sentence reduced from six years, down to four after a judge believed that his punishment was…how you say…too “draconian.”

Back in December of 2015, the 20 year-old Iraqi Amir A. viciously raped a 10 year-old boy at the public pool in Vienna and appalled the country after confessing that what he did was a “sexual emergency.”

The sick monster was found guilty of rape and given six years, but was given a tender mercy by an undeserving judge who felt he needed to reduce his sentence to four years, letting him walk out of prison in 2019. A child rapist…

Can we have this judge raped, then have his attacker serve four years? Sound good?

Amir A., who came to Austria strictly for profitable reasons and was found to not have been part of the oppressed in his native Iraq, acknowledged the brutal rape. He gave the excuse that he had “not had sex for four months” and of course it was an “emergency.”

Roland Kier, the lawyer for the scumbag, appealed the initial judgement asserting the sentence had been too “draconian” for the crime and far too hard of a judgment.

The appeal process sooner or later made it right to the Austrian supreme court. Senate president judge Thomas Philipp sided with Kier and said the sentence of six years was just too much for a child rapist.

Instead, Judge Philipp claimed that “four years is appropriate here,” believing the incident had only taken place once and the scumbag had no other history of sexual abuse…none reported, at least.

A ten year-old buy is now being shown that his pain and suffering meant nothing more than 4 years. Here’s real injustice.

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