Missing 5 Yr-Old Is Found ‘Concealed’ In Parent’s Restaurant, Dead [VIDEO]

Missing 5 Yr-Old Is Found ‘Concealed’ In Parent’s Restaurant, Dead [VIDEO]


This story is absolutely heartbreaking. A couple reported their daughter missing in Ohio… little Ashley Zoo. She was a five year-old little girl who allegedly went missing from her parents restaurant on a Monday evening. For four hours her parents claim to have searched for her before calling the police.

Four hours later at nine in the evening, the police were called and a search began for the missing little girl. Surrounding woods were searched by volunteers throughout the community. And in all the searching out of the restaurant, it turned out they should have been looking within the restaurant.

Her mother is now being prosecuted for murder, while the father is being held responsible for conspiracy charges. The day after the search began, the child’s body was found in the restaurant dead.

UK Mail reports:

Police believe Mingming Chen, Ashley’s mother, repeatedly punched her daughter in the head, before Liang J. Zhao found his daughter on the ground, according to ABC5.

Ashley had a green liquid coming from her mouth when Zhao found her, and the father then tried to wash it off. When doing so, he realized she was not breathing, the Stark County Sheriff’s Department claims.

He then performed CPR on his daughter but could not revive her.

Luckily, this couple is being held responsible for the tragedy that took place. In their efforts to conceal the death of the child, they further vilified themselves.

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