Missouri Couple Arrested After Putting Four Month-Old Son In MICROWAVE And TURNING IT ON

Missouri Couple Arrested After Putting Four Month-Old Son In MICROWAVE And TURNING IT ON

When a Missouri couple took their young son into the emergency room to have someone examine the rash on his face, it was extremely unlikely that they believed they would end up in prison because of it.

You see, that “rash” turned out to be a second-degree burn. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the infant also had a subdural hemotoma (a bleeding brain generally associated with traumatic brain injuries) and a fractured skull.

Mikala Boyce-Slezak, the 22 year-old mother of the boy, initially claimed that the baby had been dropped when its father, 22 year-old Derick, was trying to imitate something that he had seen on a commercial, according to an employee at the Children’s Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services. Later she admitted that she had reason to believe that Derick had also placed the baby in the microwave and then turned it on for a short period of time, which would likely explain where the burns came from.

At some point, Mikala had also claimed that someone had cleaned her infant with a rag that apparently contained the remnants of a bleach-like substance, which she claims caused the “rash.”

When she was asked about the cracked skull and brain swelling during testimony on Monday, she plead the Fifth, with her boyfriend refusing to testify at all.

According to documents, this couple also has a baby girl, for whom they had previously waived custody shortly after her birth in January of 2016. I assure you that’s the kindest thing they had ever done for that child.

Who in their right mind puts a baby in the microwave? Was he trying to kill it because he had dropped it and didn’t want the police finding out? Was he drunk or high? What the heck was going on in that house, because I assure you it didn’t begin and end with the child receiving a brain injury and burns to his face.

These people may not be evil (though a convincing case could certainly be made), but at the very least they are dangerously stupid and should not be breeding. There is no excuse for what they did to that baby boy. I hope he goes to a loving family who will care for him in the way that a child deserves and won’t be so stupid that they would attempt to mimic a commercial, or stuff him in a microwave.

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