Missouri To Seek Death Penalty For Illegal Alien Who Did THIS To Four People

Missouri To Seek Death Penalty For Illegal Alien Who Did THIS To Four People

All of the Liberals who say Trump is racist should duck their heads in shame. Did this crazed man even have a motive, or was it all for the fun of the game?


From the Daily Mail:

A message left Friday with Serrano-Vitorino’s attorney seeking comment on the case was not immediately returned.

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Serrano-Vitorino, who federal immigration officials have said is in the US illegally, is accused in Kansas of killing his neighbor Michael Capps, 41, and three others – Jeremy Waters, 36, and brothers Clint, 27, and Austin Harter, 29, at the neighbor’s home the night before Nordman was slain.


Serrano-Vitorino was captured after a manhunt and is jailed in Missouri without bond. Authorities have not discussed a motive for any of the killings.

In his court filing Friday, Montgomery County Prosecutor Nathan Carroz cited ‘aggravated circumstances’ related to Nordman’s slaying that make the case eligible for the death penalty.

Among the ‘aggravated circumstances’ cited in the filing, the prosecutor alleges that the Missouri killing was a continuation of the Kansas shooting rampage, Nordman’s killing involved burglary and robbery, and that slaying was ‘outrageously or wantonly vile, horrible or inhuman’ in its randomness and its ‘callous disregard for the sanctity of human life’.

Carroz also cited Serrano-Vitorino’s previous legal issues that have included California charges involving spousal battery and threats with the intent to terrorize, as well as Kansas charges since 2012 involving domestic battery and two cases of driving under the influence.


It was reported in March that authorities missed two chances last year to deport the illegal alien.

He slipped through the net of U.S. immigration authorities first in June after he faced domestic battery charges and then again in September when he was arrested for a traffic offense.

Months later, Serrano-Vitorino – who had been living in Kansas City – eluded authorities yet again.


He was fingerprinted on September 14 last year at the Overland Park Municipal Court after being cited for traffic violations.
That triggered an ICE order to have him detained.

Completly UNBELIEVABLE! This man had already been deported in 2004 and thanks to Obama he had no problem with re-entry back into the country. The exact thing Trump said would happen has happened. Mexico did not let their finest over, they let a murderer come into our country. Now, after the death of four American, will Liberals see why people coming into our country should have a background check? The sad part is I doubt they will care…

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