Mom Who Secretly Tried Proving Her Child was Bullied Faces Felony Charges [VIDEO]

Mom Who Secretly Tried Proving Her Child was Bullied Faces Felony Charges [VIDEO]

Being a parent is hard, but being the parent of a child who is being bullied is even harder. You want to protect your baby from the harsh realities of the world for as long as possible, but kids can be MEAN. Despite schools saying that they have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, it seems like they do nothing to prevent it. Trust me, I was bullied relentlessly in high school and it still affects my self-esteem to this day. (You would think that being out of high school for four, almost five years would help, but in reality, it doesn’t.)

So, when a single mom found out her 4th-grade daughter was being bullied by some kids at school, she tried to do everything she could to bring it to the attention of the administrations of Ocean View Elementary School. She reached out multiple times, but they drug their feet while he daughter was made miserable on a daily basis.

That’s when she took matters into her own hands.

Sarah Sims, a single mother just days from receiving her degree, found herself being charged with a felony and facing jail time after sending her daughter to school with a tape recorder in her backpack. All she was trying to do was discover whether the teacher of her child was ignoring the bullying going on in the classroom.

But when the school discovered the recording device, the mother was charged with “felony use of device to intercept oral communication and misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” She could face up to five years in prison as a result.

“I was mortified,” Sims said. “The next thing I know I’m a felon. Felony charges and a misdemeanor when I’m trying to look out for my kid. What do you do?”

Sims’ attorney, Kristin Paulding, is working to make sure her client never has to see the inside of a jail cell for doing what any reasonable mother would have done in the same situation.

“Instead of comforting her she’s going to a magistrate and being handcuffed,” she stated. “We are at the very early stages of this, but even at the early stages I think the community needs to know that this is happening, because any parent out there that is sending their child to school now could be at risk for something that happened to Sarah.”

Watch the interview below:

Let’s hope these charges are reconsidered, because the school absolutely failed Sims and her daughter. If they had done everything within their power to protect the 4th-grader from bullies, Sims would never have had to take matters into her own hands.

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