Mom sees 3 men gang raping her daughter, stabs one of them to death — and faced MURDER CHARGES

Mom sees 3 men gang raping her daughter, stabs one of them to death — and faced MURDER CHARGES

It doesn’t matter where on the planet you live, a mother’s fierce devotion to the welfare of her children is one of the strongest forces you’ll ever see. Generally speaking, there is no length to which a mother will not go to ensure the safety and well-being of her kids and that included killing anyone who is putting them in danger.

A mother in South Africa was facing murder charges after killing a man and stabbing two others after she was alerted to the fact that they were sexually assaulting her daughter, which is something anyone with kids would do, right?

The 56 year-old mother has been dubbed the “Lion Mama” after running 3 km with a kitchen knife to catch and stab the men who were responsible for victimizing her daughter. She was alerted to the assault by a teenage relative of one of the men, specifically the one she killed.

She managed to catch all three and deliver a dose of street justice to each of them, causing one man to die from his wounds. She stayed with her daughter until the police arrived, but they arrested her with the rest of the criminals and she was charged with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

Given the nature of the case, two lawyers stepped up and offered to represent the woman for free, but that didn’t turn out to be necessary. After public outcry (and a prosecutor who saw no real chance of ever seeing a guilty verdict returned in her case), the charges were dropped.

The surviving rapists, however, aren’t so lucky. They are still being charged with rape and will be seen in court on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, the teen who alerted the mother to the rape of her daughter is living in constant fear of her life and attempted suicide by drinking paraffin and bleach. She survived the attempt and the mother of the victim says that it’s awful that the teen did the right thing and was still terrorized to the point of attempting suicide.

“It is really hurting that she has now been blamed to an extent that she tried to take her own life,” the mother said. “I hope social workers find a safe place for her so that she can carry on with her studies. I just hope and pray that this is not the end of her dreams and aspirations.”

The teen is absolutely a hero and I hope she realized that no matter who blames her or what was said, she did the right thing.

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