The moment a former Taiwanese marine KILLED a burglar in a desperate struggle when he arrived home with his pregnant wife… and was then arrested for it

What would you do if you came home with your pregnant wife and an intruder charged you? If you are wisely armed, you would shoot him to take him down, period. But He Bohai was not carrying a weapon… unless of course you count the fact that the former Marine IS a weapon. He didn’t mean to kill the intruder, but he wasn’t going to let up on him, with his cherished wife there, until the police arrived. Too freaking bad for the burglar.

There has been public outrage after He Bohai was arrested and charged for
negligent manslaughter over the death of an assailant while protecting his wife.

From the Daily Mail:

This is the shocking moment a former Taiwanese marine kills a burglar after arriving home with his pregnant wife to find the intruder lurking in his bathroom.

He Bohai pinned the thief to the floor of the shower cubicle with a military hold after his ‘training just took over’ to protect his wife and unborn child.

He held the burglar in that position until the police arrived.

Officers, who took the photograph, found the intruder had fallen unconscious and he was later declared brain dead at hospital.

He Bohai was subsequently charged over the death – a decision that has provoked outrage across the country and from his relatives who have praised him for protecting his family.

He, 29, had been out with his eight-months-pregnant wife Li Sun, 28, when they returned to their home in Beitou District of northern Taiwan’s city of Taipei and spotted the thief in the bathroom.

He said: ‘He came at us and there was no way I was letting him get past me to my wife. My training just took over and I floored him and put him in a military hold.

Once I had him restrained, I told her to call police and I kept him pinned down.

‘I didn’t want to kill him but there was no way I was letting him go with my wife and our unborn child to protect.’

Police discovered that the man was unconscious by the time they arrived and was declared brain dead at hospital.

This young man did the right thing and he used his military training, which I applaud. If you don’t want to risk getting killed, don’t break into other people’s homes after casing the joint multiple times. The young couple came home early and nature took its course. He deserves support, praise and acclaim for his brave, heroic defense of the woman and unborn child that he loves.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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