Mother ‘Doused Her 7-Year-Old in Gas Then Set Her on Fire With a Match’ During an Argument (VIDEO)

Mother ‘Doused Her 7-Year-Old in Gas Then Set Her on Fire With a Match’ During an Argument (VIDEO)

It’s the most horrifying story that someone could likely think of. A mother tried to murder her daughter by dousing her in gasoline and then lighting her on fire.

porche wright

Porche Wright, 27, was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday afternoon on attempted murder charges.

According to a news release from the Sacramento Police Department, Porche was arrested on Saturday after the suspect’s friend and neighbors reported seeing Wright pour gasoline on her daughter then light her with a match.

When paramedics arrived at the Sacramento home, the seven-year-old girl was covered in serious burns.

The girl is expected to survive but she is suffering from severe wounds.

KTLA spoke to Wrights’ neighbors who described their horror at seeing the child burn.

‘She put gas on her and put a match on her,’ Mike Davis said.

Neighbor Frank Taylor says he saw the victim suffering.

‘She was burned so bad the skin was peeling off her face and everything … it was really, really severe,’ Taylor said.

‘People are saying that she wasn’t really a good mom, that she was really always on her verbally abusing them, ‘Taylor added.

Wright has a criminal history with charges that include prostitution, disorderly conduct, and domestic violence.

What’s questionable here is that neighbors knew that she was abusive towards her children, and that Wright had a criminal background, including of domestic violence. So why, exactly, did it take attempted murder for her children to be rescued from this monster?

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