Mother Drags Girl To Beach, Strips Her Down, Attempts Brutal Violent Exorcism

Mother Drags Girl To Beach, Strips Her Down, Attempts Brutal Violent Exorcism

Kimberly Felder has allegedly stripped her young 11 year-old daughter on the beach. As if stripping her own kid of their clothes isn’t embarrassing enough, then it’s about to get worse!

Felder, the California mother, has reportedly attempted to give her daughter an exorcism. If the beach wasn’t clear of all demons, then maybe now it finally is!

The mother’s abusive exorcism of her naked child involved violent beating, choking, and biting her daughter in hopes to wash away the evil demons that were dwelling inside her. Or, maybe she was just beating the kid for being fresh after school one day. Sometimes parents take it a step too far. One day they tap their child on the bottom and the next day they’re whipping out scriptures from Budapest Monks trying to get the devil out of their kid.

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Her fake abusive exorcism is going down as a crime. Doesn’t look like she’ll be shaking this like a stick!

Kimberly Felder, 45, reportedly stripped her 11-year-old daughter naked and shoved sand into her eyes and mouth on a beach in Ferndale, California, before a witness tried to stop her.

According to CBS News, witness John Marciel said that Felder told him that she was trying to remove demons from her daughter. She then hit her daughter on the head with a piece of driftwood and attempted to restrain her.

Marciel called 911 and remained on the phone with operators while he attempted to wrestle Felder to the ground to prevent her from further injuring her daughter. He reported that the mother was trying to perform an exorcism on her daughter.

John Marciel stopped the eternal beating from one horrible mother to her possibly much nicer daughter. Reports state there was about 10-12 people on the beach at the time and no one really stepped in to help stop the child from being abused.

When you read that a possibly delusional mother just her hit her 11 year-old with driftwood, then it sounds like Sammy Sosa hitting home-runs in his steroid phase. How can people NOT stop the terrible abuse when they see it happening in front of their own very eyes? It had to be extremely weird and violent to watch a mother strip her kid, beat the kid and then try to start some generic exorcism like she just finished watching Linda Blair’s head spin around before projectile vomiting.

If there is one thing that we can learn from this, it’s that physically assaulting your child in public is always grounds for calling the police.

The Sheriff’s Office has requested that Marciel be recognized with the Red Cross Life Saving Award for intervening in the attack.

Readers shared their thoughts on the disturbing incident on MommyPage’s Facebook page.

“Poor girl, no child deserves a mother like this! People wonder why some children grow up with issues, this is why!” one user commented. “Children should grow up happy, laughing, being cuddled and loved! Wish I could have grown up like that, my kids did and especially my grandkids!”

Confronting someone who’s violently attacking a child must be scary. People may worry that if they say anything to the mother, then will she attack them too? Now, it’s too late and we’re waiting for the abusive mother to get herself locked up after a much more serious crime. The mother was caught early enough for her really bad ideas to be stopped in their tracks.

She can no longer give her child an exorcism in public. Or if she does, she’s likely in very big trouble. She already looks like a drug addict with all those facial wounds. Of course, that’s IF the police were not being rough with her. Maybe the marks are from the cops? I’d like to think cops had something better to do than to magically wipe her out on the catatonic dance floor for the future zombies of America. Beating children to your favorite music isn’t a cop’s favorite pastime.

Now onlookers don’t have to feel guilty when they’re pushing a baby who might be the second coming of the anti-Christ. Users better watch out – I hear abusive mothers giving people the rundown with generic exorcists is the new popular trending thing these days.

At first we had exercise videos.

Now we have exorcise videos.

Where did we go wrong?

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