Mother Forced To Quit Job Because No Babysitter – Enraged, Cooks Both Kids Alive In Oven

Mother Forced To Quit Job Because No Babysitter – Enraged, Cooks Both Kids Alive In Oven

Lamora Williams has been charged with murder in the deaths of two of her sons, one year-old Ja’Karter Penn and two year-old Ke-Yaunte Penn.

Williams, 24, was arrested in Atlanta for putting her two youngest sons into an oven and turning it on. The incident happened last week some time between Thursday and Friday.

Jameel Penn, the boys’ father, said that Williams video called him on Friday night to tell him that his children were dead. Penn called the police when he saw two of his sons on the floor. His oldest son, three year-old Jameel was not harmed. Williams’ oldest child, a six year-old girl was with family and not at the apartment when this all happened.

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Police said that the children had burns and other injuries. Williams’ arrest warrant specifically says that she is accused of killing the two boys by “placing them in an oven and turning it on.” There is no other information on how else she harmed the children and it’s horrible to think that this might be the only time you’d want to hear about children being beaten unconscious because it’s the only possible reprieve that would have kept them from experiencing dying in the oven.

Williams recently quit her job because she was not able to find a babysitter to look after the kids and had told her friends that she had “had enough,” presumably of taking care of the kids. She is reported to have had undiagnosed mental health issues that were made worse when her father died five years ago and the fact that she was a single mother of four young kids.

When the police first arrived, Williams said that they might have died under someone else’s watch, but it become obvious that this was false. The oven was taken from the scene for more investigation and autopsies on the boys are ongoing.

The boys’ father was at a vigil holding his son Jameel, saying that he “ain’t got no soul no more,” calling the boys his “world” and his “everything.” “I’m lost.”

Williams’ sister has said that she should be placed on suicide watch by the people working at the Fulton County jail, where she is currently being held.

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